Jake's FrontAt Jake’s, we procure all of our meats, cheeses, and produce from local vendors whose values
and ethics are in line with ours. That mindset has led us to form partnerships with farm to table
suppliers like City Roots, Caw Caw Creek, and Wil Moore Farms. All of our meats and cheeses
are free of growth hormones and unnecessary antibiotics. In addition, they are raised in a free
range, cruelty-free environment. Seasonal items are added to the menu whenever possible and
we pride ourselves on using the highest quality ingredients that we know you will appreciate.
Here are a few words about our exceptional partners.

Caw Caw Creek’s mission is to provide the most succulent pork you have ever tasted and do it
in a way that’s good for you and good for the pigs. They actually do what you think they should
be doing — pigs are raised in what farm owner, Emile DeFelice, calls a ‘managed wild setting.’
The animals are not confined to buildings — Just the sky, old oak trees and healthy soil! The
bottom line is that they provide an organic, free-range, pastured, all natural, hormone-free,
humane, heirloom pork product that is gourmet and artisan.

Wil Moore Farms is a third generation family run pasture based farm. This means that all of
their animals are raised humanly on their certified organic pasture. The animals live their lives
as close to nature as possible. Because of the way their animals are raised, there is a significant
difference in not only taste, but health benefits too. They import our cheese from the Happy
Cow Creamery where their cows graze on organic, chemical free plants and are raised in a
humane environment. They are a unique on-the-farm bottling operation offering high quality
fresh milk directly from its own dairy cows.

City Roots LogoCity Roots seeks to provide food that is beyond organic, and to operate a farm that is beyond
sustainable. To do this, they make sure that any waste they produce is food for someone else’s
growth. They also produce as much of their own natural fertilizer on the farm as possible so as
to avoid stealing resources from other places and people. Simply put, they produce some of
the freshest produce in the city of Columbia and quite possibly the world.


We also obtain produce from Yandle’s Roadside Market where they always provide locally sourced fruits, vegetables, and an assortment of other fresh foods. They are a South Carolina Certified Roadside Market which requires them to offer a good supply of South Carolina farm products and other goods.

We take using local, fresh, organic ingredients very seriously so we buy everything from
South Carolina vendors whenever possible. This ends up costing us more, however, we think
it’s worth it because of the increased quality and taste in addition to supporting our local
merchants. At Jake’s we want to keep Columbia a local town supported by local businesses.
We hope you appreciate our efforts and our food!