A Farm to Table Menu

At Jake’s we purchase all our meat, cheese, and produce from local vendors who share our values and ethics. To ensure that our business matches our beliefs we formed partnerships with farm-to-table suppliers City Roots, Freshly Grown, Happy Cow, and Wil-Moore Farms.

All our meat and cheese is cultivated without growth hormones or antibiotics. We only do business with farms that provide a free-range, cruelty-free environment for their livestock.

Seasonal items are added to the menu regularly, and we pride ourselves on using only the freshest ingredients year-round.

We hope you appreciate our efforts and our food!

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City Roots
 seeks to provide food that is beyond organic by operating a farm that is beyond sustainable. To do this they make sure that any waste they produce is food for someone else’s growth. They produce as much of their own natural fertilizer on their farm as possible to avoid draining resources from other people and places. Simply put, City Roots produces some of the freshest produce in the city of Columbia.

Wil-Moore Farms is a third generation family-run, pasture-based farm. This means that all their animals are raised humanely on a certified organic pasture. Because they treat their animals so well, meat from Wil Moore Farms not only tastes better – it is healthier too! They import their cheese from the Happy Cow Creamery where cows graze on organic, chemical-free plants that are raised in a natural environment.


Crust Bakehouse is a local bakery right here in the Shandon Rosewood neighborhood. They bake all their breads fresh everyday an we are excited to have this local vendor here in our neighborhood bar and grill.